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#my god  

My bed and everything in it smells like you
and I remember the day you got the
very perfume that lays on my sheets
I remember the playful smile that danced on your lips the first morning you you woke in my bed,
and the way it made me dizzy
the rhythm of your heart, like an off beat drum, when you first
whispered out out the words “I love you” the first night we met, all nervous energy and shaking limbs
how badly I wanted to take a hold of your hand
the nights spent stargazing, searching for constellations and
the ones spent drawing constellations on your skin
Our first kiss at “the happiest place on earth”, and never wanting to stop kissing you since
I remember the good days and bad days and tearful nights
the drunken debacary, the hours of conversation
from the moment I met you, you’ve had a hold on this heart of mine
through life’s countless obstacles, no matter our situation or distance, through the dark and and the light
the days still seem easier with you by my side.

January 28, 2014

Some nights, your hands will tremble

as if you are holding a gun to your head
and the only cures that you will find
are sleep 
and the hope of a new morning.
Some nights, though your day was light and
airy, your head will cloud with
an incoming storm
and there is no escaping it
you must dive in with your warmest clothing
and hope that it does not soak you to your bones.
Some nights, even the happiest chords will leave
you gasping with tear stained cheeks
do not worry child,
it is merely a sign that you are 
Never let the world seize your ability
to feel and see and know

Your shirt still smells like you after months buried in a suitcase full of my clothing and it’s on days like this that I’m convinced the universe is engaged in an elaborate attempt to break me.

Some days I feel so fragile that a single look could accomplish it’s goal.

kayla-bird asked: I really love your poetry.

oh gosh thank you so so so so so much. I’m crying a little bit, it means so much to me when people compliment my poems.

Dear followers,
Stay tuned for a little while longer and hopefully they’ll be some new content. I start college soon and I’m taking a poetry class so there’s bound to be something that comes out of that. I’ve been lacking inspiration and time. Thanks for everyone who’s stuck with me so far :)


dog days

emotions change with the season 
and i fear that the heat of this summer
has burned too much happiness away

others feel desolate in the winter
but it’s in these scorching months
where steam rises off the asphalt like fire 
that i feel most alone.